Good-bye, Facebook

This is not exactly a genealogy related post, however, I feel it is important (to me, anyway).

I will be closing my account with Facebook. I strongly disagree with Mr. Zuckerberg about “privacy is a social norm of the past”, especially as he seems to protect HIS privacy. The rest of us are not comfortable with having our personal information flying loose on the breeze. A recent post on Dick Eastman’s “Privacy Blog” is well worth the read. He makes a couple of recommendations about alternative social sites and having taken a look at both, MeWe [which I likely will be subscribing to very soon] and Idka [also a distinct possibility]. I like being able to see photos of my friends and family members, seeing the occasional video and posting odd bits of news myself. I do not like the unwanted, uninteresting and annoying advertising Facebook plasters on my page. I do not care for the fact that as far as Facebook is concerned, my information is free for their taking and sale to anyone, anywhere and damn the consequences to me. I invite my family, friends and readers to join me in leaving Facebook. Mr. Eastman is quite right, I’m voting with my “feet” by walking away from Facebook, closing my account with them, deleting as much of my information from their site as possible and leaving them in the dust. They ABUSED the trust placed in them and that leaves them most deserving of whatever consequences they will face with the loss of business. They make NO attempt to keep underage users off the site which means that the information of underage users is also available to those who have no business accessing it.

I will be posting this same article on my other blogs as well.

Please Read and Share

Please read this article by Roberta Estes.  

If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression or thoughts of suicide, this is important. Roberta has been there, she is not a medical or mental health professional, simply a person who had dealt with the realities of these issues.

I recently posted this link on one of my other blogs. On Tuesday, 19 June 2018 I received a very brief email from my spouse’s double cousin that one of the siblings committed suicide on Father’s Day. He was only 58 years old, a former United States Marine, husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, friend. Everyone was shocked, no one was expecting anything like that.

Suicide is a racking and deeply painful thing for a family to go through. Please, if you even remotely suspect someone might harm themselves or end their own lives, tell another family member or friend, talk to the person, let them know you care. I realize that some people will give no indication at all but many do. I can only hope that maybe one person might be helped by this.

Hunting the Ernst Line: Part 1 – The Direct Line

This is another of the spouse’s ex’s lines. The previous post noted the marriage of William K. Kittelle and Margaret Pearl Ernst in about 1933-1935. The 1940 United States Census shows William K., Margaret Pearl and their son living in the same house at 6558 South Union Avenue, Chicago, Cook, Illinois as Alexander Joseph Godstein and Mary E. Murphy Kittelle Godstein, the Godsteins owned the home and the Kittelles were renting. Alexander Joseph was working as clerk for an electrical appliance store and William K was a truck driver for the City of Chicago department of streets and alleys according to that census. Mary E. and Margaret Pearl were not noted as working at all. They had all been living there five years previous.

Also noted in the 1940 census, were Margaret Pearl Ernst Kittelle’s parents, or rather her mother Margaret Mae Ketzeback Ernst Bennage and step-father, Roy LeSourd Bennage who resided at 6709 South Halsted Street, Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Roy LeSourd was an Electric Plater doing silver plating, Margaret Mae did not work outside the home, they rented their residence and had lived there during the previous five years.

The two residences are in the same neighborhood and were only a couple blocks apart, based on the satellite image neither building is still standing.

Margaret Pearl Ernst was born Tuesday, 08 August 1911 in Boone, Boone, Iowa to Margaret Mae Ketzback and her first husband, John Henry Carl Ernst. Margaret Mae was born Friday, 11 January 1889 in , , Minnesota and died in January 1978 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois at 88-89 years of age. On Saturday, 10 April 1909 she married John Henry Carl Ernst who was born Wednesday, 12 August 1891 in Clarion, Wright, Iowa to Charles Ernst and Jennie Carl. The marriage ended in divorce about 1911-1912. (On Thursday, 31 May 1917 probably in Chicago, Cook, Illinois she married Roy LeSourd Bennage, he was born Monday, 15 May 1882 in Marionville, Lawrence, Missouri and died Wednesday, 01 September 1965 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois at 83 years, 3 months, 17 days of age, the marriage was without issue.)

John Henry Carl was described on his World War I Draft Registration as 26 years of age, tall, stout build, dark brown hair and eyes and working at the Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois and residing at 314 14th Street, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois and a private in the Illinois National Guard, father of a 6-year-old child and single (meaning divorced). There is no evidence that he ever visited or had contact with his daughter. He did not appear in the 1920, 1930 or 1940 censuses. He disappears after the WWI Draft Registration which was filled out Tuesday, 05 June 1917 and there has been nothing further available to indicate what happened to him, he is a dead-end for now.

Charles Ernst was born in 1863 in , , Illinois, although the 1870 census notes his birthplace as , , Iowa, and died probably before 1929 probably in , , Iowa. On Sunday, 13 July 1890 in Lincoln, Wright, Iowa he married Jennie Carl who was born about 1872 in , , Missouri She was the daughter of John Henry Carl and Emma (maiden name unknown) Carl. As far as the available information John Henry Carl Ernst was the only child of the union. Charles and Jennie had little information about them. What I have found on Charles was that he is on the 1870 US Census, as a 7-year-old, the 1880 census has him still living at home with his parents as a 16-year-old, in the 1885 Iowa State Census he was living with his older sister, brother-in-law and their children as a 22-year-old laborer on his brother-in-law’s farm. There is nothing more until his marriage record then the birth record of his son then nothing more. Charles was the son of Lewis/Louis Ernst and Christina Keelovin Ernst. The rest of their children and descendants will follow in another several posts.

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