I have been doing genealogy for a long time, well over 20 years. The advent of the Internet has been a great help and incentive for me to increase my research. I am working on my spouse’s ancestors, my spouse’s ex’s ancestors, my former spouse’s family and my father’s ancestors. Another family member is working on my mother’s ancestors and I am not going to work where someone else has also spent over 20 years doing research, they have done great work and I hope they eventually publish it all. I seem to have a facility for making intuitive leaps based on source information and end up finding that most of the time those leaps prove correct, at least, so far. It is a compelling thing once involved and while I suppose certification might help, I simply don’t feel it’s necessary at this point. I follow the Genealogical Standards as much as possible, I keep those intuitive leaps and speculations in my notes until I do find proof, if I do.

Just because I am working on so many family lines and I have other blogs, I am working under a pseudonym. I am doing so to protect my family’s privacy and my own.  I will not have living persons mentioned by name and I might even keep their parents unnamed, please understand there are real people who would be affected by my doing so. I feel I have the duty and responsibility to protect them as I would if this were a book being published for public consumption.

I will also be happy to assist you with your research and charge $100.00 for the first 4 hours billable time and $20.00 an hour for every billable hour thereafter. I am not able to go to courthouses or other venues as I am housebound, however, I am very thorough and consistent with my research and you will be provided with a report which will contain facts. Email me at lineagehuntergenealogy@gmail.com to discuss your needs.

Comments are welcome, they are also moderated. I will not tolerate spam – it is deleted immediately. I will also not allow crude, rude, nasty or vulgar language.  If you have information on or are interested in further information on any of the people in my posts please email me  at lineagehuntergenealogy@gmail.com and I will do what I can to assist. Thank you.

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