A Disgrace

I read an article today that left me with an unpleasant feeling the rest of the day. It was about a cemetery, the desecration of graves, tombstones moved or discarded, casket pieces and human bones in dump piles. The money people had paid for “perpetual” maintenance gone to parts unknown.

[Go read here:  https://apnews.com/fc144b8bb3c04f96b95634f7f645415e ]

I know that in other countries graves are treated very differently than here in America. However those practices are long established and the people understand them. We generally understand that once a person is buried, their remains stay in that grave. I know that cemeteries are abandoned and then fall into disrepair, some are lost, forgotten and found later when an area is developed for other purposes, but those are not the norm. I also know that there are reasons for disinterring a body and moving it elsewhere, sometimes whole cemeteries are moved. Yet, most people have no expectation of finding the headstone other than on the grave they had it placed on, it certainly would leave me angry and upset to find that situation on visiting a cemetery in which I had family members buried in.

Maybe we should be more observant of the conditions at the cemeteries in this country. Even with complaints there was little done about them until the funds for perpetual maintenance were brought up and the whereabouts questioned. As a genealogist, a contributor to and user of Find A Grave and family member of many ancestors buried in cemeteries, This is disturbing, a disgrace and an insult to the dead and the living. I certainly will be more watchful of those graves where my family members rest.


3 responses to “A Disgrace

    • True, respect in general has deteriorated badly. This being a cemetery that was supposed to have funds for perpetual maintanance which were missing and the loss of a board to oversee the cemetery and the state of the cemetery are the disgrace. I think I would rather see an intact cemetery, overgrown with weeds than one that has been disturbed like the one in the article and supposedly taken care of by someone who really didn’t take care of it at all. It also occurs to me that we, as a socitey, really need to reinstate respect for persons, property, opinions, and civil behavior across the board.