Facebook and Psychographic Warfare – You ARE the Product

This is important. Please read this post. I am thoroughly disgusted with Facebook and all connected with them in this violation. I am deleting my account with them. Back to good old fashioned letter writing and phone calls and emails to family and friends. Then again, maybe I lied to them because I never trusted them in the first place. It’s not hard to create a false identity on Facebook.

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And I thought the Equifax security breach last year was bad.

The situation exposed this past week with Facebook is not a breach, it’s intentional, has lasted for years and it’s called “psychographic research.” If you are a Facebook user, and what genealogist isn’t today, it has already affected, read targeted, you. Facebook intentionally collected and allowed the collection of various types of information from their user’s profiles that enabled “others” to construct an extremely accurate psychological personality profile for each Facebook user. Those profiles allowed bad actors to tailor content intended to manipulate each individual Facebook user for their own nefarious purposes.

Facebook exploited the trust of every single one of their 1.8 billion users. Yes, that’s billion, with a B. Of those, 214 million are located in the US.

Most genealogists use Facebook routinely to maintain links to family, share photos and participate in various groups that…

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