Dear RootsTech: Let’s Make the 2019 Conference Awesome

Please read this post as well as the others linked to in it. I find the lack of adequate planning unreasonable. I also want to make sure that others in the genealogy community are aware of this as well as RootsTech. Perhaps a more virtual conference would make more sense. Certainly something must change for RootsTech to continue.

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Dear Rootstech,

I just returned home from the 2018 RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City yesterday.  And what a conference it was.

This was my first experience at RootsTech, and I’ve shared it day-by-day with my readers.

Truthfully, although I did have a lot of fun, it wasn’t BECAUSE of the conference sessions, but IN SPITE of the problems. I was intent on making lemonade out of lemons. The conference itself was very disappointing in many ways, but awesome in others – and has so much rich, unfulfilled potential.

RootsTech, I think, based on the attendance and facility, you’ve become a victim of your own success. Perhaps…

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