My Cousin

On a Monday the 17th of September, 1951 my cousin was born. The second in a family that would eventually number seven children. There were the normal things of growing up, school, play, friends, family, eventually college then marriage and children. On an ordinary day, going about the normal things of that day, while driving to work on Friday, 04 October 2013 my cousin’s life came to a sudden violent end due to being hit head-on while driving to work by another driver. My cousin was not even in possession of a cell phone although there was an attempt to blame distracted driving. My cousin was the landing point for another vehicle. They said death was instantaneous, I pray it was. My cousin’s family is still dealing with that wrenching shock, it’ll take more than just a year. Just 62 and a few days, looking forward to retirement, enjoying the grandchildren even more, having time to do more with family and friends all snuffed out. The other driver evidently wasn’t drunk, there was no real information after the initial news report. So on my cousin’s 63rd birthday, I wanted to honor and remember a life, a person who was kind, generous, loving, a good spouse, parent, grandparent, someone with a great sense of humor, a ready smile and a certain grace. Happy Birthday in heaven, cousin. Rest well.


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