In Memorium

On this Memorial Day, we as a nation, should pause to remember those who sacrificed so much. For those who gave their lives, we can only repay them by continuing to keep our liberty as the priceless gift and treasure it is. For those who survived the wars over the years, our thanks, our honoring their struggles, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In my family, my father who served in the Army in World War II, in North Africa and Italy, my mother’s brother who served also in the Army in World War II in Europe, my spouse’s father who served in the Marines in the Aleutians, my cousins who served in the Army in Korea, my very dear friends who served in Vietnam, my step-son who served during the Iraq war in Israel, and my step-son-in-law who served in Iraq, as well as all those who in the ancestry have served in the preceding wars, from World War II back to the Revolution. I honor you all, there are no words adequate to thank you for defending this country, for helping to keep our freedom and liberty.

May we never forget the courage, strength, honor and loyalty. From a grateful citizen of the United States of America.


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