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Mad Man Knitting

I’ve written a similar post to this in the past, but it deserves repeating.

As we begin a solid moment of barbecues, the beginning of summer and the clambering of vacationing tourists, I like to think upon the purpose of Memorial Day.

I often refer to the fallen soldiers on this weekend, because people really do forget while tossing hot dogs on a grill and enjoying a three day weekend, why this day was set purposely aside….

…..but I was thinking of someone else. I know quite well the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (and believe it or not, meany people do not).

This year I wanted to consider a different aspect of service that veterans of foreign conflicts were unwillingly subjected to: the bringing home of fellow soldiers that perished in this desperate desire of ours for freedom.

These are the men and women that brought home…

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