Plagues and Famines of England

Excellent Information about the plagues and famines in England.

The Lives of my Ancestors

Plagues and Famines of England

1313 – 1666


Over the centuries England has seen it’s fare share of Plagues and Famines killing many in it’s wake. Tell tale signs of these events can still be seen today, especially in London where some church grounds are set much higher then the road, due to the sheer volume of people buried during these periods.

These Historical events often coincide with our families history, and many of us can trace our lineage to an event in time.

Parish records generally do not list how somebody has died, although there is an exception to this rule, I have seen that some parishes have taken the time to list exceptional stories, like drowning’s, abandoned babies, strange deaths and so on.

Sadly this is not the case for most deaths by plague or famine (there were just to many of them).

Even so, we can still…

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