Hunting the Kittelle Line

This is the spouse’s ex’s line. First I Googled Kittelle and got some interesting and odd links. The first being the article on Wikipedia for Sumner Ely Wetmore Kittelle. Rear Admiral Kittelle may well be a relative, the connection hasn’t been found. Kittelle is not a really common name and while that helped, it also didn’t. The ex’s parents are both dead, however I will leave them in peace as their demise was fairly recent in time. The grandparents however are another matter.

First we have William K. Kittelle. He was born Saturday, 09 January 1904 probably in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. He worked as a truck driver. In about 1933 probably in Chicago, Cook, Illinois he married Margaret Pearl Ernst who was born Tuesday, 08 August 1911 in Boone, Boone, Iowa. They had issue. The spouse’s ex is their grandchild.

Next is John Wesley Kittelle. He was born in February 1865 in , , Illinois according to the 1900 United States Census the family resided at 362 S. Rockwell Avenue, Chicago, Cook, Illinois. He was a harness maker (leather worker, as noted in “The Leather Workers Journal Volume IX, Number 1, p. 131, September 1906 – showing John W. Kittelle as the last name in the first column on that page). He was also a member of the Scottish Rite Masons. In about 1894 probably in Chicago, Cook, Illinois he married Mary E. Murphy who was born Saturday, 01 June 1878 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. She was the daughter of Martin Murphy of Wexford, Ireland and Jane Graham Murphy of Ireland. The marriage ended in divorce sometime after William K.’s birth in 1904. What happened to John Wesley is unknown, no other marriage records and no death or burial records, a dead-end.

John Wesley and Mary E. had three children, Eveline and Kittellene or Katherine S. (she is listed as Kittellene on the 1900 census) but in later records as Katherine S. or Catherine. Eveline and Kittellene were twins, perhaps identical, but that’s a guess on my part, they were both born in August 1896 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

Wm Kaittell and Katherine Kettell appear on the 1910 census, the last names misspelled, with a Mary Godsten as the head of household and an Alex Godstein in residence as a lodger. I found a marriage record for Marie E. Murphy and Alexander J. Godstein who married in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday, 16 April 1910, it was a second marriage for both parties (no information on the first wife or any possible issue) and two of Mary E.’s children were living with them. Eveline had disappeared. I was not able to find anything on her after her one appearance on the 1900 census. No marriage records, no death records. Another dead-end.

By the 1920 census there had been some changes in the household, Alexander Joseph and Mary E. were still together, Alexander Joseph was the head of household, a Catherine Rudnick, Charles A. Rudnick and William K. Kittele were also in residence with them. Kittellene/Katherine/Catherine had married and divorced and come back to her mother’s home to live with her 5 year old son. She had married William Rudnick who was born Saturday, 05 January 1889 in New York, New York, New York on Friday, 27 February 1914 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois and died in June 1982 in , Los Angeles, California at 83 years of age. He worked as a traveling salesman in Illinois and Wisconsin and later as a floor coverings salesman in the Broadway Department Store, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He was described in his World War I Draft Registration as of medium height and build, dark brown hair and eyes, in his World War II Draft Registration he is described as 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 160 pounds, brown eyes, black hair and a ruddy complexion. This marriage ended in divorce before 1918. Their son Charles Albert Rudnick was born Wednesday, 21 October 1914 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, he married, had issue, divorced, married a second time, divorced and married a third time and died Sunday, 25 May 1986 in Escalon, San Joaquin, California at 71 years, 7 months, 4 days of age. It is unknown if his children had issue. Sometime after 1920 Kittellene/Katherine/Catherine married a second time to Jesse Cleveland Gandee who was born Friday, 27 July 1888 in Virginia, Cass, Illinois and died Monday, 17 March 1941 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois at 52 years, 7 months, 18 days of age and is buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Davenport, Scott, Iowa, with his parents, Isaac Albert Gandee and Elizabeth J. Dyer Gandee and sister, Nina Pearl Gandee Berg.  The marriage ended in divorce before 1935 without issue. On the 1940 census Jesse Cleveland was noted as a lodger in the house of Matthew P. Biltgen at 6401 S. Parnell Avenue, Chicago, Cook, Illinois with three other men where he had also been living since 1935 and working as a switchman on the railroad. He worked as a brakeman for the Northern Pacific Railroad and lived in Livingston, Park, Montana at the time he registered for the World War I Draft he had a wife and child at that time, and evidently that marriage ended in divorce, He was described on that World War I Draft Registration as of medium height and build, with brown hair and gray eyes. It is possible that Kittellene/Katherine/Catherine married again after the divorce of Jesse Cleveland but there was nothing I could find and no record of her death.

On the 1930 census Alexander J. and Mary E. still had William K. living with them but in the 1940 census they were alone in the home. On Alexander Joseph’s World War II Draft Registration he is described as 5 feet, 4 inches tall, 126 pounds, gray hair, gray eyes and light complexion. Mary E. Murphy Kittelle Godstein died Saturday, 22 March 1947 in Worth, Cook, Illinois at 68 years, 9 months, 28 days of age and is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Worth, Cook, Illinois. There is no information available about the death or burial of Alexander Joseph Godstein to date.

I do suspect that John Wesley Kittelle is related to Sumner Ely Wetmore Kittelle, who is probably an uncle or cousin. The connection is still being searched for. There were several Kittelle males who disappeared from the records or on-line genealogies I did find, and perhaps John Wesley is the son of one of them. If anyone does have information about him or his ancestors, it would be appreciated if you’d let me know.


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